Best of my Twitter, May 31–June 6 (a few days behind, still ironing out the process… For the latest, follow me on Twitter: @jasoncrawford.)

After last time someone suggested embedding the tweets instead of linking to them, but I don't think I can post embeds here, and for my main blog I don't like the format as much. I’m sticking with links for now, but let me know if you’d rather scroll through a list of embeds (like this).




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I enjoy these posts! Two suggestions:

  1. Open links in a new tab
  2. Just paste screenshots of standalone tweets, or the full text. (Reduces friction vs having to load a new page.)

Doesn't seem to be a way to have links open in a new tab, but if you click through to the original post, the links on that page will open in new tabs.

I have experimented with embedding, screenshotting, or quoting full tweets but I haven't liked how it has turned out in practice, so I keep reverting to simple links.

Thanks for the suggestions!