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Humanity Lacks Imagination to Solve Aging

I've considered putting bounties out to create content related to this this. DM me if you want to jam on this!

We won the war on infectious diseases, but now we need to learn from it

Fascinating! The more I study medicine and medical history the more disappointed I am with the field.  Do you know of any good critiques of the McKinlays' paper?

Jason's links and tweets, 2022-06-08

I enjoy these posts! Two suggestions:

  1. Open links in a new tab
  2. Just paste screenshots of standalone tweets, or the full text. (Reduces friction vs having to load a new page.)

Big fan of this idea! My team (Nonlinear.org) created The Nonlinear Library so people can use their podcast app (Spotify, Apple, etc) to listen to top posts from the EA Forum, Alignment Forum, and LessWrong. 

If there's enough interest, we could make a Progress Forum podcast feed as well!

Death is the default: Why building is our safest way forward

Important idea, easy to lose sight of - thanks for the reminder!

One Process

Loved this! Possibly my favorite innovation hack is just assuming innovation-related distributions are power laws.

Starting prior: assume it's a power law.

Secondary prior: assume it's quadratic or pareto-ish. 


Book Review: Owning the Earth, a history of land ownership

Good review and good rec - just bought the book and am enjoying it so far. Thanks!

About us and FAQ

Ahh, didn't know it was linked to karma. Thanks!

About us and FAQ

Really excited about the potential of this forum! 

Question: when I strong upvote the vote count only ticks up by one. Is this intentional? I'm a big fan of casting two votes at a time for stellar contributions!