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Tyler Cowen AMA

miscellaneous fun questions:

Is the best yet to come for New Jersey?

Is the best yet to come for the Visegrad 4?

Who's the most talented Brontë sister? Best Brontë book?

Who was the most important British woman author?

Is it important for kids to play sports?

Tyler Cowen AMA

Ignoring the possibility of crazy AI stuff, will economists 'solve' development economics in the next 100 years?

Tyler Cowen AMA

Do the GPTs constitute >10% of the AI capabilities progress (set zero at just before AlexNet) necessary for automating most of the science R&D process?

Tyler Cowen AMA

Is the ability to automate most of the scientific R&D process a necessary component of transformative AI that meaningfully accelerates economic growth? If not, what do these intermediate abilities look like?