Hey everyone,

I'm a senior dev over at a midsize outsourcing company. Our work's solid, but we're not breaking any tech barriers. I've been diving into progress studies and am super keen to integrate some of its ideas to better our work scene.

Honestly, I'm a bit stumped on how to kick things off. So far, my game plan is chatting about it with the team or maybe nudging the higher-ups to invest in it.

If any of you have cool tips, success tales, or book recommendations with hands-on advice I can weave into our daily grind or management strategies, please shoot them my way. I'd be super grateful!

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Hmm, I honestly don't know whether progress studies can be applied to any random job or company. I think of it more about applying at a society-wide level. Of course, it might inspire some people to take jobs at more ambitious / cutting-edge companies (or start such companies!) But that also doesn't mean there's anything wrong with companies that aren't cutting-edge—it takes all kinds of companies to make a functioning economy.

If anything, maybe progress studies can help remind you all of the moral value of economic growth. To the extent you all do you job well, and create economic value, and produce an honest profit—you are contributing to the well-being of the world. That makes it worth taking pride in a job well done. Trite but true.