I have three two one all gone! three more one-month subscriptions to “Faster, Please!” by Jim Pethokoukis, to give away.

Some highlights from Jim's newsletter:

Comment here and give me your email (or DM it) to get a free subscription. While supplies last!

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It's a great newsletter -- always a quick, optimistic, and informative read!  I'm a lawyer and have really enjoyed the posts on geothermal and nuclear energy (and all of the pending policy and regulatory issues).

Hi Jason, I would love a free subscription! My email is eth a t 2120insights.com.

Just received it, thank you!

Hi Jason, I'll take one. Thanks!

email: [edited to redact, thanks]

Also since theres a chance you're reading this comment... would love to know your thought on Seaborg Technologies and floating SMRs in general.

Don't know anything about Seaborg in particular. Floating nuclear is an interesting idea. I don't know enough about the technical issues to know whether it's practical; I've been told that the motion of the waves creates engineering problems. I also think the legal issues may be problematic. If you're offshore, you might avoid the US NRC, but now you're probably under the jurisdiction of the UN or something, which is probably worse. There's really no way to escape regulation if you're doing nuclear—you just have to find reasonable regulators.

He describes his substack this way....

"Discovering, creating, and inventing a better world through technological innovation, economic growth, and pro-progress culture."

As a first impression, doesn't sound promising.  More 19th century philosophy.    But all I know is that one sentence so, will strive for an open mind.