A few interviews with me that were published recently (or not super recently, I’m catching up):

Faster, Please! the Podcast with Jim Pethokoukis

Listen on Substack. Topics included:

  • How I got interested in progress
  • Why “stuff” is underrated… but also why progress is more than just “stuff”
  • Do we still not know how progress happens?
  • Against utopianism
  • Is risk/safety a blind spot for the progress community?
  • Is progress a capitalist, democratic philosophy? Are there pro-progress socialists?
  • If things haven’t gotten better in 10 years, what went wrong?

Pod of Jake

Jake and I talked about:

  • My early tech career (starting with programming at age 11)
  • Why I dropped out of high school
  • Our expansion and CEO search
  • What intellectual work is needed in progress studies
  • Scientific vs. romantic environmentalism
  • The massive impact of electricity on the economy

Recording and transcript on the show page, or listen on Apple, Spotify, YouTube, etc.

Philosophy of Education with Matt Bateman of Montessorium

A conversation about industrial literacy and the pedagogy of progress, by the folks who commissioned my high-school progress course. Listen on the show page, Apple, or Spotify. (This one was recorded last November but published more recently.)

As always, see all my talks and interviews here.

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