I am creating a list of famous examples of negative and positive externalities that were solved and ones that remain unsolved. Please send what you have!

So far, I have R-45, ozone depleting aerosols, lead paint, asbestos in construction. Solved negative externalities.

Solved positive externalities. Bees and farms. 8th grade education.

What else do you have?

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3 Answers

Some negative externalities and other problems of progress that may or may not be considered solved:

  • how technology can make war more deadly
  • how it can assist oppressive/authoritarian regimes
  • technological unemployment
  • unclean/unsafe food, water supplies
  • resource depletion
  • pollution of all kinds
  • carcinogens

Positive externalities are like, almost all of human wealth?

Yale economist William Nordhaus estimates that innovators capture a mere 2.2% of the total “surplus” from innovation. … If it is anywhere close to being an accurate estimate, the implication is that “society” pays a paltry $2.20 for every $100 worth of welfare it enjoys from innovating activities.

Quoted by Tyler Cowen here

My list now includes:

Sulfur Dioxide

Clean Air Act

Montreal Protocol

Lead Paint

Lead in Gasoline

Public Radio

Mandatory 8th grade education

Secondhand Smoke

Public Transit Subsidy

Automobile Emissions Standards

Fishing Quota System Australia

Bees and Orchards

Cattle Ranchers and Crop Farmers

Climate Change

Space Debris

Traffic Congestion

Violent Crime

Assuming the Data is Correct: legal Marijuana