Does anyone know much about Hendrick Bode?

Hendrik Wade Bode (December 24, 1905 – June 21, 1982)[1] was an American engineer, researcher, inventor, author and scientist, of Dutch ancestry. As a pioneer of modern control theory and electronic telecommunications he revolutionized both the content and methodology of his chosen fields of research. His synergy with Claude Shannon, the father of information theory, laid the foundations for the technological convergence of the information age.

He co-authored Technology: Processes of Assessment and Choice, a 1969 report from the National Academy of Sciences, which looks very interesting.

He also wrote Synergy: Technical Integration and Technological Innovation in the Bell System, which is a very intriguing title (but there's only one used copy on Amazon and it's over $500).

(h/t Manjari Narayan for bringing this to my attention)

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It's remarkable that someone used the word 'synergy' to describe his relationship with Claude Shannon. Clearly the word choice indicates someone obsessed with his work. The main contributor to that page is a "Dr. K." I have only figured out that he is a retired professor living on or near Corfu. I sent him a message.