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We will be meeting with Jason Crawford who will update us on his latest work at, followed by a "fireside chat" and Q&A.

Jason is a friend of ACX, see his post "Who is Scott Alexander and what is he about?".

How to find us
We will be in room 105 of Building 2, the building where the mathematics department is located. You will need a TIM ticket QR code visitor pass to get in. We will email everyone info on how to get the TIM ticket prior to the event.

Jason Crawford is the founder of The Roots of Progress, where he writes and speaks about the history of technology and the philosophy of progress. He is also the creator of Progress Studies for Young Scholars, an online learning program for high schoolers; and a part-time adviser and technical consultant to Our World in Data, an Oxford-based non-profit for research and data on global development. He is currently working on a book entitled "The Story of Industrial Civilization". Previously, he spent 18 years as a software engineer, engineering manager, and startup founder.

Background reading on Progress Studies (not required)
"We Need a New Science of Progress"
"How does progress happen?"

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Looking forward to meeting everyone!