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Introductions thread (please introduce yourself)

Hey all, I'm Seth. I am a developer and informatics researcher in biotech. I'm interested in the notions of Progress more abstractly, in thinking about how we define it in multiple dimensions, e.g. beyond economic metrics. I admit having a bit of a "fearful" mindset with Progress and growth, namely what happens if we don't keep advancing, what if life is basically the same for decades or centuries, how we overcome productivity plateaus, and other more philosophical notions. I'm also interested in the more concrete forms of what the advancements are that constitute Progress, and how we get more of that.

I'm located near Boston and engage with other Progress-minded folks occasionally (although we meet up rather infrequently). Happy to be here!

"Progress" alternative to GiveWell?

On the Policy point, I often wonder what occurs after the research and writings done by e.g. Institute for Progress (and yes a QALYs/$ metric seems near impossible). How could one better discern the outcomes of the Policy work, and that the research and recommendations for Policy isn't shouting into a void? 

Another way of thinking about it is if one were to put money or time into Policy, what would those actions look like?