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Eli Dourado AMA

I'm also curious to know if you think that centralization, the way that other movements (I'm thinking of effective altruism) have specific cause area prioritizations that proponents tend to follow, is a good or a bad thing. In your opinion, what qualities make an effective modern movement that can actually get things done?

Eli Dourado AMA

Hi Eli! You told me a little about this the last time we chatted in person, and I'd love to hear more: Could ould you elaborate a little more on your "theory of change"? That is, how do you see your day to day work resulting in the kind of improvements you want to see?

And for experienced working professionals looking to maybe make a more impactful career switch: any underrated or not well known career paths that you wished more people embarked on that could help? And any particular industry backgrounds/expertise that you wish were more involved in the policy conversations?