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The Engine of Progress: Why Growth Matters

Marvelous article!  Correlates with my readings in Pinker, Rosling, and the authors (sorry, I don't have their names, but they have done their homework) of the book "Superabundance."


I don't think I have a single criticism...paradigm changing writing.   And I have indeed have had a paradigm change over the last few decades, from "Club of Rome "Limits to Growth" and Paul Erlich to graduate to the Abundance mentality of Pinker, Diamandes, and Hans Rosling.  

This channel is doing important work in my opinion, as even most progressives and intellectuals are leery of growth as a virtue.

Rudi Hoffman

Port Orange, FL, multiverse.

Why Patents? The History and Evidence

Interesting, well-researched article, IMO.  The one component that may make the article more relevant has to do with digital Intellectual Property, which may or may not be the same as patentable ideas.  While it seems obvious to me that IP is still property, my nephew, a self-avowed hacker, once said to me of his unabashedly stealing IP "The failure of these business models is not my problem."  Which I thought at the time and still think is a moral/ethical lapse of good judgement.  Is stealing work product like or exactly like patent infringement?  "Informations wants to be free!" is a rallying cry, but lacks nuance.  Anyway, great article, thank you!

Cellular reprogramming, pneumatic launch systems, and terraforming Mars: Some things I learned about at Foresight Vision Weekend

Brilliant and clever summaries of really exciting projects, mostly in the conceptual phases, but still adjacent to current capabilities given appropriate attention and funding!

Forget About Overpopulation, Soon There Will Be Too Few Humans

Lovely, fact-based, paradigm shifting article.  Bravo!  40 years ago, in college and grad school, my heroes were the "Club of Rome" and others calling for "simple living, high-thinking".  I realize now just how short-sighted, blazingly wrong I was.  I wish Paul Erlich and most articles in "Free Inquiry" would have a similar epiphany!Rudi Hoffman, Port Orange, FL