Hi! My name is Pradyumna and I write about economic growth at Interests of mine include economic growth in developing countries, international finance and financial crises

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Revving up the Progress Studies Idea Machine

yes but that was done with the assumption that the best way is to increase productivity growth

Revving up the Progress Studies Idea Machine

yeah absolutely, but I think there has already been a consensus on this part. Generally people consider it to be 1 

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This hackernews thread about working at the DoE national labs gives a positive impression of them although with some caveats

Tyler Cowen AMA

Unrelated to the accuracy of this, it feels ChatGPT generated. If so, we'll played

Tyler Cowen AMA

To what extent is fieldwork underrated by economists? I feel it is quite so because it captures things that numbers often lose (eg nuance) and context that is hard to get without it. IMO i

t shouldn't be the best form of evidence, but definitely a starting point in it

Tyler Cowen AMA

How do the returns to high verbal intelligence change if AI gains the writing abilities of the median NYT opinion writer? How should people whose comparative advantage is in writing prepare for this?

Patrick McKenzie AMA

Singapore has a government entity  that builds open source technologies (eg static site generator, form maker) for other government departments to use. Could you se this being replicated elsewhere?