Sales Process Excellence

Michael Webb is an internationally known author and management consultant. He brings data-driven management approaches to sales and marketing organizations.

He worked in sales, sales training, and sales management in five industries before founding his consulting firm.

When exposed to production improvement methodologies (e.g., Six Sigma, Lean, and Shingo) he saw parallels to B2B sales production. He pioneered ways of helping sales teams distinguish value from waste. He also created ways for sales teams to develop operational definitions. These enabled continuous improvement in sales productivity, forecast accuracy, and other metrics.

His approach recognizes the critical role beliefs play in the behaviors of sales and marketing people as well as customers. He engages front-line salespeople, managers, and executives as well as cross-functional teams.

His 2006 book Sales and Marketing the Six Sigma Way earned 4.5 stars on Amazon and sold more than 21 thousand copies. His 2014 book, Sales Process Excellence earned the prestigious Shingo Research Award. His articles range from sales quality and process to reducing waste and capitalizing on customer value. They draw on his experience working with direct and channel sales and marketing teams of large and small companies.

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Sales Process Excellence's Shortform

Relevance of Management Science to Progress Studies

Two questions for anyone here with an interest in them:

  1. How do people in the progress studies movement view the science of management?
  2. Who else in the group (or the movement) might also interested in this subject, and what kinds of issues or questions seem to be paramount?

By "management” I'm referring to the process of administering and controlling the affairs of the organization, irrespective of its nature, type, and size.  

Michael Webb