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Progress Drinks and Party

Excellent! Have you signed up on the RSVP list?

Impossibility of Flight

Thanks so much for these excellent comments. Really really appreciate all your thoughts on this, it's incredibly helpful.

Timing is an absolute nightmare and so easy to get wrong when you spend so long around the same footage. My first video had comments I was taking too short a time on graphs and text and clearly that's still something I have to be better on!

Re. time on screen, I'm very happy to reduce myself some more haha! One restriction there, that I realised with this video, was it's actually something mostly dictated in the quality of images/footage I can use in the piece - I had a lot of extra "airplane" stuff footage but it got very boring. But a lot of stuff I watch doesn't spend so long on individuals (bar some exceptions) so I agree!

Honestly really appreciate you taking the time to give such extensive thoughts - and to put together the bits you liked and thought worked well, as well as improvements. I have a document with all feedback I've received and I look through it and try to iteratively improve when editing my next one, so this makes a massive difference, thanks again!

The Terrapunk Manifesto - a Solarpunk alternative

Enjoyed this a lot. I think more artwork on terrapunk would be excellent. I first encountered Solarpunk through artistic representations - I think something similar could very easily spread the human maximalism of terrapunk.