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Eli Dourado AMA

Dear Mr. Dourado,

I've recently been watching many clips of the TV Show, The Last of Us. While Mycologists insist that there are no zombie fungi, the loose talk about a new pandemic and the failure to create a universal covid vaccine has taught many people (including me) a deep dread. For example, the declining nutritional value of food could be causing Colon Cancer in young people. Medical science's slow pace also fails to find treatments for scary diseases like ALS. How do you remain in a positive headspace when there's so much negative news?

Introductions thread (please introduce yourself)


My name is Lap Gong Leong. Before discovering Progress Studies, I was an aimless student at Borough of Manhattan Community College. One day, I stumbled upon Jason Crawford's blog through Eli Dourado's Twitter feed. Jason's alluring and descriptive writing style converted me to the Progress Studies creed. Unlike Effective Altruism, liberalism, and conservatism, Progress Studies is a distinctively optimistic and genuine belief system. It is compatible with different ideologies and focused on improving the present and the future. For what it's worth, it also makes for great fiction. 

I am currently working on a manuscript, but will hopefully write more stories about technological change and increasing productivity.

If anyone wants to collaborate, you can write to me at