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Eli Dourado AMA

Individuals don’t have standing to sue when NEPA holds up their projects for years?

Eli Dourado AMA

But there are organizations that bring cases as a public good and they pay for the litigation. On the left, ACLU. For libertarians, the Institute for Justice (IJ). IJ identifies laws or regulations they want to dispute and then find a sympathetic plaintiff to represent. Someone like you would probably do a lot of good by convincing IJ to find some NEPA cases to bring.

Eli Dourado AMA
  1. Why do you believe that deregulating housing will increase productivity (TFP)?

  2. In theory, could you build a lobbying super-army against NEPA, housing regulation, etc. a la big oil?

  3. Given that the US now sucks at building public transit, would deregulating housing be a disaster? It’s hard to fit on NYC trains as it is.

  4. Is the price of solar truly going down, or does it just seem that way because the gov is paying for it via incentives and waivers?

  5. If you could have your pick of any federal agency to run for four years, which one would you choose?