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Tyler Cowen AMA

I think there are “good” people, or at least influential non-evil people, who fit the theory. Jesus is an obvious one. What about Martin Luther, Michaelangelo, Copernicus. Hero worship today is associated with tribalism but perhaps progress needs more heros and disciples?

Tyler Cowen AMA

What role should biography play in progress studies? What do you think of the “Great Man Theory of History”? Should economists write more biographies?

Where is “Progress Studies” Going?

Biography is a god example of a genre where you can study something and advocate for it simultaneously, and in good biography often they are the same thing. Advocating doesn't have to mean apologising in this context. Simply explaining something properly and with the aim of increasing appreciation for all its elements so it becomes higher status for all its good and bad point is the best form of advocacy biography offers, with acceptance of fault or limitations. I think this is or should be an important part of progress studies. The best advocacy is inspirational to others!