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It's time to rethink "retirement"

Yes, well maybe we will also expand our healthspan, or have AI to help us with worker productivity? 🤓

The case I make is for social security is a blend between Singapore's system and our current 401k system. The employer contributes 20% of their salary to their 401k and their employer matches it. They can use those funds to take mini sabbaticals throughout their lives, rather than one long one at the end. But yes, it's tied to income, so the more you make and the longer you stay in the workforce, the more money you save! (You won't have very much money in there at the beginning, but you'll have a lot by the end!)

Should US states self-govern?

Yes, it might not be possible right now to call a constitutional convention and reorganize into city states. But it's entirely possible to give more autonomy (and fiscal autonomy) to local and state governments. Sometimes I think it's worth writing about/thinking about the ideal so then we can see how we can get there (rather than working with what we have now and trying to tweak it slightly better). 

Should US states self-govern?

You're reading my mind!!!!!!! My next essay is about what would happen if we divided the country into city-states!! (And it would be for those exact reasons: the divide is urban/rural, and we'd be better aligned with our governments!)

US State Income vs. Federal Income

Ok wow, this is so helpful. Thank you so so much!

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Does anyone have a good essay about federalism—particularly the history of the US and how we have divided power between the federal governments and the states?

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Thank you so much, this is very helpful!

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I'm still researching various income streams for governments and I'm wondering: will income tax be the best way to tax in the future? (I'm thinking about remote work and how we might be taxed in one location but living in another one). Or are there governments who are pulling tax revenue from other unique places? Are there any good books or essays about unique tax structures that have worked well/make sense?