Christopher Chan
  • Research Associate @ Odyssean Institute
  • Community Organiser @ Effective Geoscientists
  • I used to work as a ESG Data Scientist

My academic background lies in urban remote sensing, CNN application in remote sensing, and geostatistics. I aim to specialise in data pipeline engineering, management, architectures. When I'm distracted, I enjoy a board range of other topics from philosophy to anthropology to various languages. Outside my professional life, I like to climb, travel, cook, and secretly write more code.

I hope to marry Earth Observation, geospatial tech, and other alternative data with traditional professional services to tackle challenges in global development and catastrophic resilience.


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Neither EA nor e/acc is what we need to build the future

The takes here are suspiciously similar to Vitalik's techno-optimism d/acc post Wondering if there are any thoughts on this?