I wrote a new blog post on FAA's MOSAIC rulemaking, which covers the definition of light-sport aircraft. I think this is an important event for progressy people to study because it features:

1. FAA explicitly recognizing that "less safe is more safe" along some dimensions, and

2. It's an actual consequential rule that could drive a lot of progress in personal aviation in the coming years.

Jason has written before about safety being a key part of progress and the need for a philosophy of safety, and FAA is addressing these questions head on.

My mind was blown several times while reading the FAA's notice of proposed rulemaking, and I wanted to share the excitement with everyone else.

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Eli, this is great. And useful! 

I went to the EAA event in Oshkosh last year to see the experimental community first-hand. I was struck by who was there. It was amateurs, sure, but also a lot of pro pilots who had a side interest in experimental aircraft. It's not just another type of person. The designation gives everyone a place to try new things. Also, it was full of EVTOLs. When we eventually get flying cars, I suspect we'll point at the experimental designation as an enabling part of the process.