As part of a research project, I'm reading about scientific labs that were/are run very 'well'. Any recommendations would be much appreciated.

So far, recommendations gathered include: 
Crucible of Science; Apprentice Genius: Making Scientific Dynasty; Warren Weaver's memoirs, The Idea Factory, Francis Crick's memoir What Mad Pursuit (h/t Jason Crawford and Patrick Collison).

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2 Answers

Hey Kris!


Some other books I've been looking at in my reading that get at this even if they are not about running labs well.


Phage and the Origins of Molecular Biology

Watson's Double Helix

Feynman's CalTech Oral Histories that cover most of his career

Some of the Chapter's in Philip Alexander's book on MIT

I heard from Michael Nielsen that Barish's oral history was supposed to be frank and good but have not read it yet


If those aren't quite what you're looking for just lmk why and I might have some others!

Just the person I was looking for -- thanks Eric! I'll try and get through these before we meet.

I've only read a little bit of it so far, but maybe "Pieces of the Action" by Vannevar Bush?