I'm gonna start writing progress studies and progress movement type of news at Warp News. 

We write fact-based optimistic news on tech, science and human progress.So please reach out when you got something you want to share. 

You can reach me here, at Twitter or by email at mathias.sundin@warpinstitute.org.

This is the first one:https://www.warpnews.org/innovation/ben-reinhardt-wants-to-turn-science-fiction-into-science-fact/

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Usually "optimistic news on science" means writing newspaper article that take a scientific study and misrepresent it as being more important than it really is to entertain people who like reading about science. A big part of human progress is about fixing problems and roadblocks to it. 

One big undercovered progress story might be the new CTIS in the EU that became mandatory for new clinical studies at the end of last month. Clinical trials are important to advance science.

I'd love to read good reporting on CTIS that actually goes into what's good and bad with the new system and not just reporting that's optimistic about it.

Another interesting story that might benefit from good journalism is that the National Electric Code in the US is written by the National Fire Protection Association and thus for the interests of firefighters. It seems that they added a requirement for single module shutdown to solar cells with results in solar installation being more expensive while there's no clear evidence that it produces a significant safety gain. 

In both cases, the subject matter of how regulations relate to progress is very complex, but good reporting about those could do a lot more for progress than cheering on individual things.