We are excited to announce Pathways to Progress, a 10-week reading group and speaker series exploring Progress Studies! We will be running our second fellowship starting at the beginning of February via Zoom. Applications are open until January 23rd, 11:59 PM ET and can be submitted here

Pathways to Progress aims to create a community of individuals committed to exploring and contributing to human prosperity. We seek to encourage discussions on technological and scientific innovation and foster a deeper understanding of the mechanisms behind human advancement. Readings will investigate historical examples of progress, the implications of economic growth on moral progress, industrial policy, and the relationship between technological progress and societal change. Fellows will be able to engage in discussions with our speakers: Aria Babu, Matt Clancy, Jason Crawford, Anton Howes, Saffron Huang, Reka Juhasz, Nathan Lane, Xavier Sala-i-Martin, Caleb Watney, and Heidi Williams. 

We would appreciate any feedback on the syllabus or fellowship!

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