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AMA: Jason Crawford, The Roots of Progress

Two Questions :

  1. Have you read Ada Palmers Terra Ignota series? If so what do you think? If not then consider giving it a try, the setting and philosophy are relevant to this movement!
  2.  What do you think about the idea that declining construction of new housing (especially in cities), deurbanization during the late 20th century, and the general trend in the US toward sprawling and expensive car-centric suburbs are core parts explanation for the present stagnation of progress?  
2jasoncrawford2y1. I started reading Too Like the Lightning but haven't finished. Love the flying cars though! 2. I see declining housing construction as primarily a symptom rather than a cause of an economic slowdown, although there are reciprocal effects and housing shortages can exacerbate stagnation []. I am not against sprawling suburbs, I think they are actually where a lot of people want to be (especially families with young children). Similarly, I am not against cars. I do suspect that something went wrong with city design when it comes to cars. One example is how we mix up streets and roads [] .