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Talent sorting in Germany is flawed

One thing about the medical profession is that it is always clear what the next step to take is. While becoming a founder or even an electrical engineer the number of options remains open for a very long time. So it is possible that the medical field is also dulling our wits.

Definitely agree with this; it seems very hard to leave when the next steps are so obvious.

Yeah, I'd love to have that data as well. What's your background? Happy to chat more, though I will likely shift more of my focus on biosecurity things over the coming weeks.

3SebastianG1yI think there is a couple of ways perhaps to get at studying the size of medical school problem, supposing it exists. We could measure the opportunity cost of careers with similar matriculating student profiles to med school students. We could also study the careers of accepted students who don't wind up going. Using Germany vs US as comparison groups maybe a little bit tricky given the differences in education systems. But I'm sure there's already some decent solutions to that problem worked out in other papers. I work on secondary school startups, college and career counseling, and academic development. So day to day I'm trying to provide signals to help direct the flow of our students towards better things.