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State capacity eats interest rates for lunch

+1 to the term "state capacity," I ultimately understood what you meant, but it took a close reading.  

Also, great article. 

To Increase Progress, Increase Desire

Interesting theory here.  I hadn't really thought about how to increase the demand side of the equation.  I certainly think it's generally important to have a population that's hopeful about the future, open to try new products, and supportive of new, whacky ideas.

That being said, I'd encourage you to consider the supply side (new products/ideas) more deeply.  What business factors contribute to a dearth of creative ideas?  One might argue that the ad revenue model, which requires enormous amounts of attention, creates a certain kind of... (read more)

1SebastianG8moI think it worthwhile to take a moment to theorize about demand. I think we are all supply-siders in some way. Aren't you trying to manufacture demand to consider the supply side? What's the theory of demand that increases the supply-side?