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Love it,  I'm a rabid fan of David Deutsch and think he's essentially answered these questions, so for fun I'm going to take a stab at them below.

  • The definition of “progress”: Increase in wealth, which is "the set of possible transformations." This occurs through knowledge growth, which was described by Karl Popper as a process of conjecture and refutation.
  • How to measure progress: Again, how do we measure the number of possible transformations? When the Wright brothers discovered flight, they opened a new set of possible transformations. (I wonder - w
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1Chris Leong2yI think that there is some value in this frame, but I guess I see this as limited to the context where we're generally replacing bad problems with a less bad problems. I guess it would seem a bit blase in a context where we take a problem that is only kind of bad and replace it with something that is a catastrophe. So my tendency would be much more cautious about the potential to create new problems.