We’re glad you’re here.

The Progress Forum was created to be the online home for the progress community. Our goal here is to share ideas, strengthen them through discussion and comment, and over the long term, to build up a body of thought that constitutes a new philosophy of progress for the 21st century (and beyond).

We’re opening the Forum quietly, aiming for a small high-quality community before we invite a large number of people. You’re welcome to share links to content here, but we’re deliberately not making any big announcements yet. However, you're encouraged to invite specific people or small groups you think would contribute positively to the discussion.

Please post:

  • Essays (original, or cross-posted from your blog)
  • Half-baked / work-in-progress thinking, for feedback
  • Questions for brainstorming
  • Etc.

And please read and comment on what others have shared.

A few ground rules:

  • Stay on-topic (progress studies and the philosophy of progress).
  • Be civil. Treat others with respect. Avoid insults, limit snark.
  • Discuss, don't argue. Seek to come at truth, not to “win”. Generate more light than heat.

The Forum is sponsored by The Roots of Progress. Huge thanks to the people who worked to create it: Lawrence Kestleoot, Andrew Roberts, Sameer Ismail, David Smehlik, and Alec Wilson. Thanks also to Kris Gulati for nudging this project along, and to Ruth Grace Wong for helpful conversations about community and moderation. Finally, thanks to the LessWrong team for creating this software platform, and especially to Oliver Habryka, Ruby Bloom, Raymond Arnold, JP Addison, James Babcock, and Ben Pace for answering questions and helping us customize this instance of it.

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Great to see a dedicated forum for this. I always enjoyed posts related to progress studies on the EA Forum and I'm looking forward to the content!

Small side-note: You use a really nice font the the forum; works better than the serif one at the EA Forum. Which one is it?

It's really refreshing to finally see a website that's not all blue and white 😅

According to the CSS, it's “Mukta”? David Smehlik is our designer, he did a great job!

Big fan of this idea! My team (Nonlinear.org) created The Nonlinear Library so people can use their podcast app (Spotify, Apple, etc) to listen to top posts from the EA Forum, Alignment Forum, and LessWrong. 

If there's enough interest, we could make a Progress Forum podcast feed as well!

Very cool! Would love a Progress Forum channel at some point