Shortform Twitter Post: What is Constructive Journalism?

The progress studies narrative is "Constructive Journalism" by nature, and perhaps you didn't even notice. "What is Constructive Journalism?" How can we use the concept to better tell the story of human progress? Dive in with @UlrikHaagerup here:

What if changing the narrative could help change the world? "We have a moral imperative to address the hyper-abundance of doom-bait content and publish and curate work that inspires people to build a better future." — The Global Zeitgeist of Progress in 2023 is Broken; this One Media Trick Could Help

"Nowadays (c2017) we are all scared; everywhere you look there are headlines about war, economic crisis, murderer etc." This excellent TEDx by Ulrik Haagerup helps explain why it's like this, and what can be done.

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Interesting exercise: what would Our World in Data look like as a column in that chart?