The Progress Dashboard is a beta concept for a centralized progress studies wiki of progress studies and human progress resources. The current rendition is a proof of concept and an experiment with what such a dashboard might look like. The dashboard content, UI, and UX are incomplete placeholders. If the UI/UX isn't to your liking, keep in mind to view the project through the lens of the concept, rather than seeing the dashboard as a finished product.

When I joined the progress studies /  human progress community in 2018, I had four questions, 

  1. What is the thesis?
  2. What resources are available, e.g., books, articles, podcasts, etc? 
  3. Who are my peers?
  4. What do I do next?

The Progress Dashboard is an experimental resource hub designed to help with some of these questions. No idea where the project is going but thought I would as least put the concept out there. 

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This is a cool project! I am going to spend some time poking around in there, and if I think of anything in the way of improvements I’ll let you know.