Medical science is allowing us to keep people alive longer than ever before. In many developed countries, average life expectancy has risen from about 70 to 80 since 1950. This is a remarkable achievement, the problem is that people are spending that extra decade in poor health.

Now science is looking at the possibility of slowing aging itself, which show promise of further extending not only life expectancy but also healthy life expectancy.

Assuming these endeavors are successful, might we eventually reach some kind of “escape velocity” for longevity? That is, if we can slow aging, do you think it's possible that some people alive today will live long enough to benefit from new technological advances that will make them quasi immortal?

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Seems entirely plausible to me that someone alive today could life an indefinite lifespan. Most people born in the last few years will almost certainly live 50+ years, and that is a lot of time for progress to happen.